Donate a Wedding Dress

At Cherished Gowns we understand that parting with a Wedding Dress can be an incredibly emotional experience. It is often the most special dress that you will ever wear, but we also understand that some times you would like to donate a dress as quickly as possible.

We have two ways that you can donate a dress to the charity; either to be made into Cherished Gowns, or to our Preloved Bridal Boutique.  As long as your dress meets the criteria below you can donate a dress to our Bridal Boutique at any time. After completing the form below one of our volunteers will be in touch with further details. Due to the large number of people that wish to have their Wedding Dress transformed into Cherished Gowns we have a waiting list to do this. You find more information about this below. 


Preloved Bridal Boutique

Donate your dress to help us fundraise!

We have a beautiful Preloved Bridal Boutique that is based in Dover, Kent. This shop provides vital funds to help the charity continue its important work. The dresses are priced between £50 - £500.


We can also accept any other wedding related items such as bridesmaid or flower girl dresses. veils, accessories shoes, handbags, boleros, cover-ups, petticoats, hoops or men's formal wear.

To donate a Wedding Dress to the Bridal Boutique your dress must be:

  • In very good condition.

  • Must be under 10 years old.

  • You must also be happy to post or deliver it to us at your own cost.

Transformed into Cherished Gowns

Donate your dress to be transformed into Cherished Gowns

We have a waiting list to donate a dress to be transformed into Cherished Gowns. This waiting list is only opened once a year. 

We last opened the waiting list on the 28th February 2022, with all 1,000 slots being taken in just under 3hours. We will be re-opening the waiting list again in Early 2023.

We can only accept dresses that meet these criteria: 

  • Must be in good condition with no discolouring. 

  • Must be white or ivory. 

  • They can be unwashed, but must not have any signs of mould or mildew. 

  • We cannot accept dresses with a full Tulle skirt.

Please note, that this is not a quick process. Once you have been accepted onto the waiting list it can take up to 12 months to be allocated a seamstress.

Please note, it is not a quick process to have your dress transformed. Once you have been accepted onto the waiting list it can take up to 12 months to be allocated a seamstress.

We are not currently accepting Wedding Dresses to be transformed in to Cherished Gowns.