For most people, a wedding dress is the most special dress you will ever wear. More often than not, that is not reflected in how we treat our dress after the big day is over. Most people will simply box their dress up and put it in the loft or garage, and they are forgotten about. Sometimes they will be taken out to be made in to a christening gown for your children, for your daughter wear, or to be made into a momento of your special day. In reality many wedding dresses end up hanging in your wardrobe taking up space or in a loft for decades, hidden away never to be used again. 

Cherished Gowns UK are the only UK registered Charity who  transform these wedding dresses in to carefully crafted burial gowns for babies that are born too soon, too late or too poorly. These gowns are then donated to hospitals and parents around the UK completely free of charge. 

 We can currently only accept dresses that are a tradition wedding dress colour such as white, cream, ivory, champagne etc.

 - We can only accept dresses in good condition

-We try to provide photos of the gowns made from each dress upon enquiry after 6 months but this is not always possible.

- You will be required to join our waiting list and post your dress to one of our seamstresses once we have reached you on the list.

- We do not offer a keepsake service of any kind.

- The gowns made from your dress will be made in to complete cherished gown packs with a matching, size appropriate blanket, hat, booties & a cloth nappy, and sent to a hospital around the UK. 

Donations of Wool, Ribbon, Lace, Fabric etc

Take a look at some of our transformations From Dress to Gown

  Dress Donation Form

Registered Charity 1172482 



Donate a wedding Dress in the UK to make Angel Gowns for Angel Babies, Supplied free of charge in Bereavement Packs to Hospitals, Parents and Funeral Directors, Cherished gowns is not associated with Heavenly Gowns

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